Tierix Cloud Backup operates an off-site data backup and recovery service offering a totally invisible mode of operation that silently backs up data for home/SOHO users, mobile PC users and business customers. Subscribers can connect to our secure Internet backup servers over traditional dial-up, broadband or any existing TCP/IP Network connection. Our flexible scheduler allows your backups to run automatically, any time, day or night, with no user intervention. Your data is compressed using the industry's most advanced data analysis and compression technology, and automatically protected by the worlds most secure (448 bit) encryption technology. We optimize both CPU and network bandwidth by incrementally backing up only the changes you have made to your data files. Through our advanced client/server software solution, you can easily manage your backup data or instantly restore your critical data if and when necessary 24x7.
Our solution combines fast and efficient technology, a reliable, easy to use set of applications, ultimate security and data availability, to provide the best backup solution available. Today, anyone, anywhere, can take advantage of this easy to use, robust and secure automated backup and recovery service.
To make the backup task easy and automatic, Tierix Technologies offers its Cloud Backup Service using a secure, user-friendly software. The software is designed to copy versions of your important files to a private, secure location on a scheduled basis, or on-demand when you have added important files that you want protected. While the data does travel over an Internet connection, it is securely wrapped in an impenetrable 448-bit encrypted envelope to prevent any chance of unauthorized access.
With Tierix Cloud Backup Service you get:
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Automated, background backups
  • No local storage devices to configure or extra media to buy
  • Off-site, encrypted, secure storage
  • 24 hour-a-day access to your data using any Internet connection
  • Storage of multiple versions of your most valuable files
  • Cost effective
If you have a working Internet connection on your computer, you can use Tierix Cloud Backup Service to keep your important files safe from disaster on a daily basis. The service saves each revision of your files, so you can always restore the latest, or any of the previous backed up versions (up to 30 backed up versions prior to the most recent)!
You can rest assured that your data is safe for you to restore at any time.
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Secure Backup Protection That Pays For Itself

  • All files are protected by state-of-the art encryption. Only you can retrieve your files.
  • Completely automated off-site protection.
  • Fast online recovery of any version of any protected file.
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • Only an internet connection is required, eliminating the need for expensive backup equipment and media.
  • The backup server is monitored by highly skilled technicians whose job is to make sure the backups are performed properly.

How Valuable Is Your Data?

Can you afford to trust your data to just a tape system or a backup service that is geared to quantity instead of quality? Tierix Online Backup offers:
  • Daily backups
  • Notification of missed backups
  • Up to a full month of normal business operations (20 full backups) retained on our system
  • FREE technical support
  • All for one low monthly charge!