Digital Lifestyle


Tierix Technologies takes a value-based approach to understanding and designing digital solutions to greatly enhance the lifestyles of people and families.  The vision of Tierix Technologies and the value we provide revolves around a simple goal - to enable your access to relevant information at all times.  Here's what we mean by "relevant information":

"It is what enables you to be organized and efficient, gives you security and peace of mind, entertains you when you want to have fun, reduces your stress and anxiety because you are empowered with information and gives you the ability to make important decisions at the right time".


Digital Lifestyle Benefits:

Reliable and secure Internet connections in important rooms in the house by simply plugging an Ethernet cable from computers to wall jacks (instead of relying solely on less secure and slower wireless connections although WiFi is important for portable computers and tablet PCs).
Being able to remotely access your home computer to retrieve files when traveling.
Having the ability to see your family in real time through cameras in your house when traveling using any computer connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.
Being able to see who rings the door bell from any TV screen in the house and also talk to the person at the door using a home telephone.
Create beautiful lighting scenes in your house such as "relax" or "entertain" where multiple lights respond to one touch of of a button. Combined with complementary music, lighting scenes can create the mood for a perfect evening with your family or guests.
Being able to activate/deactivate the security system from a remote location when occasion warrants (for example, when it is necessary to let the home caretaker into the house when traveling).
The ability to have all the family’s songs and important pictures stored in a home media server and organized as themes so that the desired themes can be played at appropriate times or events using room keypads, televisions or home computers (this is much more convenient for example than having to walk up to a CD player and skip songs or change CDs frequently).
The ability for people in the house in various rooms to listen to the type of music or radio program that they desire in their own rooms by simply controlling the audio from a local keypad.
Being able to organize a song play list for a party from a media server depending on guest preferences.
Being able to present a slide show of family photos from a recent vacation trip on any TV in the house during a party.
Being able to page people from the kitchen to the second floor bedrooms especially if they are listening to music (don’t have to shout loudly that dinner is ready or walk upstairs and knock on doors).
Being able to put the caller on hold and transfer a phone call to a person in another room in the house.
Being able to enjoy High Definition Television by appropriately wiring the family room and/or the master bedroom so that the Audio/Video processing equipment can be located in a closet (without cluttering your beautiful family/living room, media room or other entertainment areas).
Entertain your family and guests with your own private home theatre with professionally designed architecture, exceptional audio (acoustics), stunning video, elegant lighting and luxurious recliner seating.

The above are just some examples of benefits of a digital lifestyle that can be delivered in a cost-effective manner by Tierix Technologies tailored to suit your family's needs.  Please Contact us and find out how we can affordably make your life more organized, efficient, fun and enjoyable.