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Tierix Technologies is a modern and dynamic company specializing in the consulting, sales and installation of professional home theatres, home automation, security, structured wiring and audio video distribution systems.

Through our personalized consultative approach, we can make your home theatre or home automation dreams become reality within your specifications and budget.  We can handle everything you need in your home.  Our work can be as simple as hanging a Plasma Display on your wall, to providing and installing a full home automation and control system.

Our personnel are committed to meeting all your requirements and ensuring complete satisfaction for all of our installations through our approach, reliable installations and superior workmanship.


Smart Home Solutions


Imagine being able to listen to your music collection wherever you are in your home without having to hunt for the CD.

Imagine having lighting systems with pre-set scenes to suit different moods and occasions, and imagine linking this into your own home cinema setup.

Imagine being able to monitor and control your heating, lighting and security even when you're away. Just SMS or email your house a simple command to set your home environment to exactly how you'd like it.

And imagine being able to do this through familiar tools like your mobile phone, PDA or web browser or a beautiful LCD touch panel installed in key areas of the home.

Whether you're interested in getting the most from your entertainment systems - photos, music, DVD & Satellite, or developing a better environment for your home-cinema, or controlling your home environment - lighting, heating, hot water and security - through integrated systems, or monitoring and controlling your home when you're away, home automation is for you.


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Find out how to turn your home into a Smart Home with our automation solutions and professional home theatre services by contacting us for a home automation consultation and evaluation.